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Medication Management Experts

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About Sunrise Mental Health

At Sunrise Mental Health, we offer virtual and in-person psychiatric care for people dealing with a variety of mental health challenges.  We specialize in medication management with therapeutic interventions for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, and bi-polar disorder.

Your feelings are real and valid. You are not a burden. We specialize with people who might feel overwhelmed, have fear of failure, have brain fog, intrusive thoughts, and other complex feelings.

In addition, our ADHD experts are second to none. Let us help you with those feelings of indecisiveness, disorganization, and knowing what you need to do but not able to will yourself to do it. We are one of the few places in Arizona that specialize in adult ADHD.


If you aren't finding the relief you need from talk therapy, medication may be the next step.  Not everyone who goes on medication needs to stay on it long term.  Mental health medication management is our expertise.

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Dedicated To Your Well-Being

We are committed to making sure Arizonans have access to mental healthcare and can see patients who reside in Arizona. 

Asking for help may seem overwhelming but we are here to guide you on the road to improved health.

Why choose us?

Talk freely without the fear of judgement

Always feel comfortable and safe

We listen with empathy and respect your boundaries

We make you feel seen and acknowledge your effort/experiences

You deserve support and recovery

Don't just survive when you can thrive

Insurance Policy

HIPAA Compliant

On a Video Call

Virtual Clinic

One of our goals at Sunrise Mental Health is to increase access to excellent mental health services. We accomplish this by offering easy to use virtual appointments. Each of our patients will receive an email or text with a private, HIPAA compliant telehealth video call. No app install is necessary. 

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